Who will look after my pets when I die?

July 29, 2015 12:27 pm

Who will look after my pets when I die?

For those of us who are animal lovers, this is an important issue to be raised when preparing our wills. Who will care for our pets when we are gone and, just as importantly, who will pay for their care? Whilst a goldfish may be easy and cheap to look after, a horse or several dogs and cats most certainly will be costly when taking into account food and vet bills.

Charities such as The Dogs Trust, Cinnamon Trust and RSPCA may be asked to take care of pets until a suitable home can be found and they may be given a donation of funds to cover the cost. Alternatively, friends or family may be asked to take on the responsibility and, again, funds can be provided either as a lump sum or to be held in trust to cover ongoing costs.

A gift may be left to a friend or family member with the condition that they take care of our beloved animals. It is always worth asking the person involved whether they would be prepared to take on this responsibility of course! There is no legally binding obligation and the person appointed may simply not be in a position to help, when the time comes. For instance, someone living in a rented property may not be allowed to keep a pet or a member of their household may suffer from allergies.

Whatever your wishes, your solicitor will always be able to suggest suitable wording in the will to put your mind at rest.


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